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The age of the best sugar daddy ?

All sugar babies want to find their ideal sugar daddy, they look for it on the sugar daddy application, but not everyone can find the most suitable one.

The sugar daddy crowd is between 28-65 years old, and the older sugar fathers have lower requirements for sugar babies. In fact, they are more of a comer, and as long as the sugar baby is willing, they can give something and establish a relationship immediately.

So what are the characteristics of Sugar Daddy for each age group?

Low age (under 30 years)

Sugar daddies in this age group are few and even some male sugar babies. Their purpose in the Sugar Daddy App is to find excitement. Do something that men of the same age want to do but dare not do. Of course, if you want to get too much benefit from them, it is unlikely. Because they have less income, they can't afford more money or allowances to sugar babies. They also have advantages. Young and energetic, and can do more exciting things when getting along.

The richest age group (30-35 years)

Sugar daddy at this age is what many people are after. First, most of them have successful careers, have their own jobs, have their own savings, and enjoy life very much. Importantly, most sugar daddies at this age are single or are in the pursuit of happiness. They are able to provide enough allowances as long as you become their ideal sugar baby.
Being praised and valued is what they need most, and at the same time people need to understand their value. They seek not only physical satisfaction, but also mental satisfaction. If you have enough attraction, there is no problem in getting their favor. Whether it is a short-term sugar relationship or a long-term mutually beneficial relationship, they will be very happy.

Risky age group (36-45 years)

Why is there a certain risk? Because sugar daddies at this age mostly have families, wives, and children. Sugar babies can choose to date them, but be sure to do a survey and ask if they have a family before they have a relationship. After getting the answer, decide whether to have a relationship with them.
Most of them have encountered setbacks in their marriage or life and are looking for additional excitement. Therefore, it is almost impossible to maintain a long-term mutually beneficial relationship with this kind of sugar daddy. Most of them will only provide one allowance.

Age to try (46-60 years)

Please select after screening, even if they are willing to suggest long-term sugar relationships with you. Almost all people at this age are willing to establish long-term relationships with sugar babies and can provide good allowances. Most importantly, there are many sugar daddies who have relationships with multiple sugar babies at the same time.
They don't need too much companionship, as long as they can appear and satisfy them when they need them.

All in all, the best sugar daddy is between 30-35 years old. They have a strong body, a successful career, and the most important thing is that they can know what sugar babies want most, can meet every need of sugar babies, and they will almost always have a good experience and a generous allowance in establishing relationships with them. Followed by the 46-60 age group, although not the best experience, but can get a good allowance, and do not spend too much time in the middle of this relationship.