make sugar daddy happy

How should I make sugar daddy happy ?

Happiness is mutual, just like sugar relationships. This is a mutually beneficial relationship. In the relationship, if you want to be more happy, you must make sugar daddy happy.

Respect sugar daddy

Respect is first and you need to remember that whenever you want. Respect his identity, Sugar Daddy is not a bad person, he is a person who can bring you benefits and allowances, and can bring you a better life. Let him feel your respect for him, and every man likes it.

Remember the flash points of Sugar Daddy

Why did you choose him to be your sugar daddy? Do you only care about his money? This is certainly not all. You may also like his ability in some aspects, such as his appearance, his figure, his successful career, in short, he definitely has something to attract you. Enlarging this flash point will satisfy him in this regard.

Praise Your Sugar Daddy

Everyone likes to be praised by others, and so is Sugar Daddy. Learn to praise your sugar daddy in your daily life, no matter what it is.

Give him a sense of security

Many people say that women need a sense of security, and indeed they do, but men also need a sense of security. In a mutually beneficial relationship, Sugar Daddy gave what he needed to give, and Sugar Baby should also give Sugar Daddy a sense of security. The sense of crisis would make people very anxious, and having enough sense of security can make people feel happy.

Glamour on the bed

Unleash your charm in bed and let Sugar Daddy know that he made the right choice. You are the best, so that he can be satisfied in any way. Especially on the bed, let him show his bravery without stopping. This will make him feel very happy. Of course these things need to be done before you can do these things.

Always centered on him

When you are single, you should always pay attention to it, and you must be centered on Sugar Daddy, who is the one who can really bring you benefits. Make him feel that he is your center and everything you do is around him. But one thing to note is that you can't disturb Sugar Daddy while he is working hard.

Girls need to remember that there is a mutually beneficial relationship between you and Sugar Daddy. Once the relationship is established, you can only get sugar allowances after you are satisfied and happy. Happiness is mutual. You need happiness first to make sugar daddy happy.