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How to start a successful date ?

The sad thing in this world is not being rejected by a sugar baby, but being told to break up after a few days with a girl you like.

She might say to you
We are temperamentally unfit
I don't like you anymore
This is not the kind of relationship I want
Perhaps the worst language for a man

You start to go crazy, you start to fall into a state of anxiety and self-denial, and you don't understand why what started out as a great relationship suddenly became so unimaginable, even if you were wondering if you couldn't get her love.

I've seen a lot of people around me do well in the early stages of dating.

The ability to strike up a conversation smoothly, establish good comfort and attraction in the conversation, and then after a few dates, successfully win their favorite girl.

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But after getting along with each other, the other party to your feelings more and more weak, oneself have been a special effort to pay.

But why?

If you're still afraid to strike up a conversation, can't talk, can't date...

Then I suggest that you may need time to train your basic qualities and improve your emotional intelligence

This requires you to really engage in the actual interaction with the opposite sex, rather than hiding behind your phone and testing out some "magic" theory.

No matter how long in the past, there is only one way for you to be the same poor, orange and emotional winner: that is to follow the people with results in the right way to keep fighting in the relationship, improve their ability and mentality.

If you want to be a love rat or a relationship emergency, you may need to go through three stages:

First stage

You begin to consciously improve your physical attractiveness, learn to build external value, and have the ability to expand your resources with the opposite sex, such as pickup lines, social networking apps or sugar baby sites, and start dating sugar baby.

The second stage

You begin to learn to build effective attraction, to recognize the other person's emotional needs, and to get a handle on your relationship

The third stage

Begin to gradually understand the application of emotional attitude and emotional framework, can effectively maintain long-term attraction, no longer passive in the feelings, to achieve emotional freedom.

Entering the third stage is not easy. It took me nearly eight years to complete the third stage, and you are lucky to meet us in this vast crowd. You can learn a lot here.

Many people, perhaps in learning the ability to love, have entered the second stage.

You may have great dating skills and be able to establish a relationship with a sugar baby, but you won't be able to maintain a lasting attraction and make them fall in love with you.

Once you get into a relationship, it's very easy to break out of your frame.

Let's think back to the sugar baby girl you recently dated. When you first met her, why did you think she wanted to date you?

Money, looks, career, or your unique temperament?

If so, then you may like some of your qualities in the beginning. Maybe you were cool and fun in the beginning... But once the relationship is established, you may become less fun and even less concerned about sugar baby girls.

Because the moment you've made her the center of the world, you're starting to lose your attraction to her.

If, that girl looks good, you have to understand, she will still be pursued by other sugar daddy, and those men will also be rich and handsome.

So, when your initial attraction and novelty wears off, you may feel that your partner's enthusiasm wanes.

So how do we keep sugar baby girls interested in you for the long haul? Or let them fall in love with you so deeply that they don't want to dump you.

One of the core elements is not that hard, you need to build some challenges.

Here are some typical pitfalls that need to be addressed in a real relationship:

1. Send frequent messages of love
2. Keep giving gifts
3. Like everything about her
4. Express all your feelings and thoughts to her

Appreciation and praise should be done in moderation, and feelings and ideas should be maintained in moderation

If you show that everything you have belongs to her, you can be sure that your attraction to her will wane.

Most men show an excessive need for their girlfriend's affection and end up putting a lot of pressure on their partner, especially if they feel alienated.

You need to break out of the old way of thinking. The right way to do it is:

If you don't understand the mechanics of the relationship, you just need to stop all your sucking up.

Build your attitude. Women like strong men, not weak men.

To really get someone, you may need to risk losing her.

The reason why it's always you who gets hurt is because you're too afraid to lose in a relationship to tolerate the other person's coldness, your anxiety, will only make you look like a woman.

Remember, it is only when you are challenging yourself in a relationship that you can maintain lasting and effective attraction.