legal sugar baby

Is it illegal to be a sugar baby ?

I would say: NO! ! Please stop your thoughts. This answer is very certain, be a sugar baby and seeking sugar daddy arrangements are legal ! ! !

How would you define a relationship seeking sugar daddy? There are so many sugar baby dating sites serving people. Almost every website has millions of members, and they can grow so fast precisely because the law allows them to exist.

There are also some small sugar baby dating sites that have been shut down, but they are all for the purpose of gaining rapid development, and then use propaganda and website hints about sexual behavior that are not allowed by law.

And according to the survey, more than 40% of these dating sites are college students. College sugar babies are loyal users of such sites because most people cannot afford high tuition fees, they seek sugar daddy relationships in exchange for tuition loan bills and Christmas gifts. This is not a money transaction under the agreement.

The relationship between sugar daddy and sugar baby is based on the exchange of gifts or benefits. It's not what some people think is prostitution, nor is it a money transaction in the traditional sense. Even though it is difficult to define such a relationship in law, the law does not clearly show that this behavior and relationship between sugar daddy and sugar baby are unreasonable, so it is legal.

Many people also think that sugar baby is an identity that cannot be measured by legal terms. There are also differences in the relationship with Sugar Daddy. Some are one-off arrangements, and some are long-term, such as a week or a month. Some sugar daddies have relationships with several girls at the same time.

Now there are so many young girls and rich sugar daddies involved in seeking arrangements to gain mutual benefits in legitimate relationships.

Don't think this is illegal, if you want to join, you can start now!