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Methods and tips for using the app to make friends or dating

We also encounter some challenges when using APP for dating or dating.
For example, when there are no common friends/I don't know what common topics everyone has, what topics should be developed ?
How to start the topic based on the personality of the respondent (such as extroversion or introversion)?
How do I decide when to make my first invitation ?

First, there are a few points to note

1. Find conversation topics

If you are a male, don't start talking about topics that are not likely to interest you (such as boys and girls talking about investment/technology/constantly bragging about yourself, girls and boys talking about makeup/shopping) Easy and topics that are easy for everyone to be interested in, such as any new restaurant recently, if the other party is also interested in trying the restaurant, and everyone's water temperature is sufficient, you can use this to make invitations; another easy topic is travel.
As long as you have been to popular tourist attractions, you can also use it as chat content. For example, if the other person's head has travel photos and you have been there, you can use this as the topic.
If the other person thinks about traveling in a certain place and you have been there before, you can also give advice. On the other hand, when talking about these light topics, you can talk about some of your thoughts instead of just talking about yourself or asking the other person's questions, then the other person will also think that you are a thoughtful person and have your own opinions People.
If you are a female, in fact, you just need to wait for the boys to actively start the topic. What you have to do is to respond to these topics. Don't end the topic. In addition, you may wish to praise the interested boys more. Men like to be praised.

2. Know if the other person is an extrovert or an introvert.

If the other person is an extrovert, it will be easier to find the topic, because the other person will also actively find the topic, but you have to see whether the other person is really interested in you, or it is just polite; if the other person is For introverts, you need to take great care to find the topic, because the other party rarely finds the topic actively (but the other party already thinks about a lot of things in the heart). When you find some topics that the other party is interested in, the other party will become very active in discussion It seems to have changed another person. In addition to finding the topic, you also need to build the trust of the other party. In this regard, you may wish to talk about your personal affairs or feelings about the topic during the chat. Introverts will only accept invitations if they have a certain level of trust in you.

3. Have your own interests and expertise

In fact, this is to make yourself a connotative person. Only when you are passionate about what you want to do will others be attracted (from another perspective, even if you are not looking for a partner, it is very helpful to have something you like). Another benefit is that if the other person has the same interests as themselves, then it is easy for everyone to build a familiarity in the early stages of chatting. Although this situation is impossible to find, but at least you have to be prepared, as long as you have patience, you will always encounter this situation in the dating app.

There is also a point to pay attention to in terms of interest.

If you want to better attract the opposite sex and have more communication, then you can learn some specialties of the opposite sex.

For example, men can learn some cooking skills or fitness.

Food and a healthy figure are very attractive to women. Women can learn some sports or video games, at least they will quickly find common topics when communicating with men.