sugar daddy bank information

Should give sugar daddy bank information ?

Never disclose your banking information to others. Even if he said he would be your sugar daddy.

I have always believed that no real sugar daddy would ask his sugar baby for bank information.
Bank card number and name. This is very easy to get information, but also very important information. It is quite normal to exchange names. Be very careful when sugar daddy asks for your bank card number on the grounds of giving sugar baby benefits.

When your bank information (including card number, expiration time, security code), zip code, and street information are leaked, then your property must be lost.

The bank card information is very easy to obtain. As long as you have to get the card in your hands and read it, it is almost leaked.

Street information and zip codes are easily accessible.

When people are very hungry, they don't care if the food is delicious, they just choose to eat it without hesitation. When sugar babies, who are in great need of money, meet sugar daddy, they often hide nothing from sugar daddy.

Today's scammers have too many methods to cheat others' money, and many people have shifted their targets to sugar babies.

Many sugar babies are in need of money to solve their daily lives, and many sugar babies are from colleges. They need money to pay living and tuition fees, and also to repay various loans. No matter what kind of status they are or what purpose they are holding, they all need the same thing, that is, money or an equivalent gift.

Bank information is just as important as money

sugar daddy allowance

The scammer lurked on the sugar baby website as sugar daddy and waited for the opportunity. When they found a hungry sugar baby, they quickly shot.

They don't ask for your bank card information in the first place, which is very strange and the purpose is very obvious. They will seduce you as a sugar daddy and promise to give you a certain amount of allowance, but will not cash it out immediately. They will postpone the payment deadline for various reasons until they get your bank information, and they will always keep in touch with you.

After a while, they will start asking for your bank information on the grounds of meeting and paying for sugar allowances. The first is the number and address information of your bank card. Most of their statements are because of a problem with their card and there is no way to transfer or save money. People often lose their sanity in the face of money. Bank information is easily accessible to scammers.

There are no fixed rules in sugar relations to constrain these behaviors. After the sugar baby was cheated, there was no way to get back his money.

Never reveal your banking information to anyone before you meet, or when you don’t have a real sugar relationship. The real sugar daddy won't ask for all your bank information. When they ask, you can ask them to pay with PayPal, which is the safest and most convenient way to pay for sugar allowances. It is also the choice of most sugar people.