sugar daddy lies

Identify Sugar Daddy's lies and understand the truth.

This is a serious relationship and both Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby need to be taken seriously. Not only is it a mutually beneficial relationship, this is an honest relationship.

Too many sugar babies are eager to get the sugar daddy's favor and allowance, and they are convinced of the lies they tell. In the real world, there are always too many scammers waiting for opportunities. Sugar girls are not stupid, almost all have education or are studying in college. Sugar babies should not be deceived.

All Sugar Daddy thinks about sex

Sugar daddy lies: I only need your company and care

Truth: No sugar is required, which is almost impossible. No sugar daddy will give up the opportunity to get sugar. Men who do not need sugar will not look for sugar babies. The men on the Sugar Daddy App are almost all old and look average. Girls should not expect too much to date a young and handsome man. Sugar daddy is legal, sugar baby is legal, (this is mentioned in another article), but the men who come here think about almost two things-dating and sex. At the beginning of all appointments, both parties will discuss about what is going on, whether or how the relationship between the two parties is conducted, and these need to be agreed upon. The only thing that makes the girls happy is that they can get a sugar dad allowance.

Payment method

Sugar Daddy Lie: Give me your credit card information, I will pay your bill

Truth: Not every man is a real sugar daddy. Although the verification mechanisms of major websites and apps have been perfected, there are still some scammers, and it is also important to know how to identify fake sugar daddies. Some kind girls gave their credit card information to the fake sugar daddy, but the result was that the credit card was swiped by scammers. The easiest way is to ask Sugar Daddy to use PayPal or cash to pay the allowance.

sugar daddy lies

The amount of allowance

Sugar daddy lies: I can give you $ 10,000 per month

Truth: High allowances are what girls expect, but this is not the case. Maybe you have read the article "The average sugar baby can get $ 5000", or you know that classmates as sugar baby have tens of thousands of dollars in income each month. The amount of income is not determinable by the girl, which needs to be discussed with Sugar Daddy. It can be a one-time income or a weekly or monthly income.

Company CEO

Sugar daddy lies: I am the CEO of the company, with an annual income of 2 million US dollars

Truth: Some people are indeed company executives with very high incomes. They also have high demands on the target girls. Most sugar daddies have an ordinary job, they have a good income, but not as much as expected. Many people use high-income language to deceive the girls' trust.

Only female sugar baby / male sugar daddy

This is not a lie, not all sugar daddies are looking for female sugar babies. There are also some people looking for same-sex sugar babies. Male sugar babies can also get a chance to get the relationship from sugar daddy. There are also female sugar moms looking for female sugar babies.