trump with his wife

Donald Trump's Wife And His Lover

Before the forty-fifth President of the United States, Trump, was a very wealthy person before taking office, and of course there were many women around him. But do you really only know his marriage history and love history? Do you know how many women he has dated?

Donald Trump-The 45th President of the United States has experienced three marriages and five mistresses in his 70-year life.

1. The wife who made him rich-Ivana Zelnickova Trump (Ivana Zelnikova), 71 years old.

trump's wife

Trump's first wife, Ivana, was born in a small town in the Czech Republic in 1949 and is 3 years younger than Trump. Once a famous skier in the Czech Republic, he has a hot body and a pretty face.

She married Canada in 1972. After marriage, Ivana was tired of ordinary life. After divorce, she entered the modeling industry and gained some fame.

One night in 1976, a group of young and tender young models went to a high-end restaurant for dinner, and while eating, they were talking about the real estate owner Trump, who had just inherited a large legacy, and regarded him as the most recent "golden son-in-law of New York". "The best candidate.

No one expected that Trump was sitting a meter away from them.

What I didn't expect is! He gave his precious opportunity of getting married for the first time to Ivana, a Czech woman who had been divorced once.

Due to the status of "Eastern European Bride", the relationship between the two had been ridiculed by mainstream American society and media.

But with the help of Ivana, Trump, who had not yet emerged at that time, quickly became the richest real estate developer in Manhattan, and Ivana served as the vice chairman of interior design at Trump Group.

In 1977, Ivana married Trump, and later the husband's surname was changed to Ivana Trump. The two ended their 15-year marriage in 1992.

2. The most arrogant wife-Marla Maples (Mara Maples), 57 years old.

trump's wife

Things go back to Trump and Ivana's marriage. After 13 years of marrying Trump, Ivana met Maples, the former beauty queen of Georgia, while skiing.

"Hi, I am your husband's lover." Maples greeted Yuan Pei so boldly when he first met! Exo me? Thanks to Ivana skier's background, he stabilized his heels and said to Maples, "Stink XX, stay away from my husband."

It turned out that Trump met the beauty queen in 1989, and had an affair with it, and often hugged him in front of the large public without any scruples.

Obviously, the culprit in the divorce between Ivana and Trump was the arrogant beauty queen who was once Miss Hawaii.

In 1993, Marla became Trump's second wife, but their marriage lasted only 6 years.

3. The sexiest wife (the current first lady in the United States)-Melania Knauss Trump, 51 years old.

Melania Knauss Trump

Melania was born in a mountain village in Slovenia. Although her family is not rich, her parents attach great importance to the education of their children.

Melania started her modeling career at the age of 16, and signed a contract with a Milan-based agency at the age of 18. Came to New York in 1996, two years later, met his current husband-the current US President Trump.

In 1998, Melania met Trump at the Fashion Week party, when he was dating another woman (how many women do you have!!!)

Trump claimed that when he first met Melania, he was conquered by her perfect figure and beautiful face. (Sure enough, the world looks at the face, oh no, there is a figure)

In 2005, the two officially married after ending a long-term relationship. At the time, 58-year-old Trump married his current wife-Melania Knauss, 24 years younger than him, with an ultra-luxury wedding.

In addition to these marriages, which sister papers has Trump also made ?

Gabriela Sabatini, 50 years old.

Time: 1989.

trump's lover

The Argentine tennis champion met Trump at the peak of his career. Ran Ge, he was taking time out of his mistress Marples. Before Trump married his second wife, they had been dating for a month.

Carla Bruni, 52 years old.

Time: 1991.

trump's lover

In addition to getting along with Marples, Trump also pursued the later French first lady-Carla Bruni. Carla denied the report, but Trump said, "She tried to get me out of Marla and used almost all the psychology skills in the book."

"In the end, Carla became a woman who was hard to like," Trump added.

Allison Giannini, 50 years old.

Time: 1997.

trump's lover

During the divorce between Trump and his second wife, Allison met Trump, when she was only 27 years old, and Trump was more than half a year old. They were introduced through mutual friends, but their love soon disappeared. During their time, Allison said, "He often told me about Marla and how much he loved her."

"I know a lot about him, but for me, he is really a good person."

Jackie Siegel, 54 years old.

Time: 1998.

Socialite Jackie- who once starred in the pornographic documentary Queen of Versailles during the recession, in the late 1990s, had a short relationship with Trump. Jackie claimed that they never took it seriously, but after Trump invited her to his party several times, they dated each other several times. (Have you not been serious? Dating alone? Amusing me?!)

She also supported Trump's campaign in 2016 and said, "He is really a very great person and very charming. I'm glad we are still friends (sugar dating)."

Kara Young, 60 years old.

Time: 2001.

The supermodel met Trump during his engagement with gossip columnist AJ Benza. She once called Howard Stern's radio program to explain the love triangle between them. Ran Ge, afterwards, Trump said that she was not with Kara.

During 70 years of Trump’s life journey, there were women of all kinds, some women promoted the progress of his career, and witnessed him leap from a small boss to a real estate tycoon; Imprint, and then disappear; some women accompanied him to the end, from the real estate tycoon, to become the new President of the United States.

Some people say "Trump's life is inseparable from women."

And these women have influenced his future life.

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