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Why are some people afraid of falling in love?

There are many ways for young people to fall in love. When people are in love, they look forward to staying with each other at all times, and even need to report their whereabouts every hour. They need to tell each other before doing anything, and they must explain each other's schedule in advance. Say good morning when you get up, say good night when you go to bed at night. These things are very common for lovers who are in love, but if they persist in doing so for a long time, one party will not be able to bear it. This can be said to be love or a bondage.

As adults, more and more people like to enjoy their own space. It also takes time to call family, chat with lovers, and play games with friends. Some people are particularly willing to spend time with their lovers every day and every day, but others hope to have their own independent space and time.

In their own time, people will only do their favorite things, and only please themselves.
But not everyone agrees with this idea.

One of my friend's former girlfriends, people call her FBI, because she can always get my friend's whereabouts in all kinds of ways and know everything he does.

Once I went to the playground with a friend. When we were still buying tickets at the door, we received a call from his girlfriend asking him why he went to the playground and with whom? Why not call her together? Even told my friend to go home immediately. We all wonder if he has a tracker on his body, and his girlfriend is always watching him.

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My friend has been single for a long time, especially enjoying one's time, and will spend time playing games with friends and so on. But when he has a girlfriend, he has less and less time. The girlfriend needs to know his whereabouts and what he is doing. He felt like he was being monitored. He began to lie with his girlfriend that he was working to escape her surveillance. However, his girlfriend will not give up because of this, and will still ask my friend to tell her the specific work, where to work, and with whom. In the end, my friend couldn't bear it. He told his girlfriend directly that he wanted to be alone and needed space to enjoy his own time. Suddenly his girlfriend became angry and asked if he was tired of her? Don’t love her anymore? Want to go to break up?

Many lovers don't seem to understand the idea of the other person wanting to stay alone, always thinking that the other person's full fun can only be given by himself.

Both men and women have such troubles in their relationships. Always care about each other too much and want to get everything from each other. When the torture became insecure, he couldn't help but quarrel with the other party, which caused his feelings to fade and finally broke up.

So how do you change your mindset, give yourself a sense of security, and be considerate of the other person's desire to have independent space and time?

1. The greater the proportion of love in life, the easier it is to let the other person out of breath.
Modern young people's concept of love and values are very different from those in the past. The former love was entrusted for life. Now the love is just a flavoring agent of life, making our lives more colorful.
More and more young people are unwilling to be trapped by love, hoping that love is a candy for life, not a staple food. Sugar is sweet and makes you feel good. If it is delicious enough, you want to eat it for a lifetime. But no one wants to be forced to eat sugar.
In love, we all need to give each other space to enjoy a person's time, so that each other has time to play games with their friends, space and time are what everyone wants.

2. Feel secure for yourself
Many people irrationally do something regretful after losing their sense of security.
We need to calmly ask each other what they think. If the other party needs their own time and space, this can be fully satisfied.
You just have to do your own thing and wait patiently for the other person. If can't wait, then calmly talk about your needs don't lose your temper.
Both people will feel insecure in love. Humans are not Avatars, and there is no way to understand each other's thoughts in ways other than language.

Love is through mutual efforts, mutual trust, and understanding each other through getting along and being patient. Understanding and trust are important in a long-term relationship.